The Last Glacier at Kai Lin Art Gallery in Atlanta

Last Friday night was the Opening Reception for the Atlanta Printmaking Biennial 2015 at Kai Lin Art Gallery in Atlanta Georgia. It was a great night as I met Art Werger (the exhibition's juror) for the first time as well Kathy Garrou and Terri Dilling from the Atlanta Printmaking Studios.

The print "Blackfoot Glacier" won a prize for being the shows best relief print and was hung promiently at the front of the gallery and with a street view! Thank you Atlanta Printmaking Studios and Yu-Kai for such a wonderful event!

King crab invasion could threaten Antarctic ecosystems

For tens of millions of years the waters off Antarctica have simply been too cold for king crabs. However, in the last 50 years the water has warmed up 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly twice the average worldwide rate) making the waters warm enough for king crabs to migrate in. 

The problem? Soft-bodied organisms like starfish, sponges and mollusks are expected to be decimated drastically altering the underwater ecosystem for the worst.

Half of Alaska's glaciers could be gone by 2100

I remember reading a report orginally published in 2003 that concluded all the glaciers from the lower 48 states would be gone by 2100 as well. The authors of that particular study revised their predictions in 2009 as they had drastically underestimated how fast things are heating up and melting... However, they did not put a new timeline on the glaciers in the lower-48 in terms of total extinction. I wonder what the new expected date will be given this report on Alaska's glaciers?