The Last Glacier is an ongoing project-based initiative that creatively documents the affects of global warming. This enterprise unites visual artists, scientists, and literary figures who create convergent research on specific wilderness environments that are experiencing tangible and dramatic ecological changes. For the last several years the project teams have focused on areas of the world affected by glacial retreat.

The Anthroprocene suggests the arrival of an uncertain future. Snowpack melts and is no longer replenished; ecological collapse is imminent. We must progress our understandings of nature.

The Last Glacier books, artworks and exhibitions share emotive-analytical visions of the twenty-first century that are real and true. Climate change is categorical yet beauty, however temporal, still remains.  As real time passes, The Last Glacier projects transform into multi-generational artifacts that share stories of mortality and resiliency in the face of a changing planet.

The Last Glacier is overseen by three visual artists: Todd Anderson, Bruce Crownover and Ian van Coller. Past, present and future project collaborators and contributors include: Dr. Douglas Hardy and Nancy Mahoney.