The Last Glacier is a team of three artists: Todd Anderson, Bruce Crownover and Ian van Coller. Their intention as artists is to share the beauty of a changing world. The world is experiencing sweeping, permanent ecological shifts and for this reason Anderson, Crownover and van Coller believe it is imperative that today’s wilderness be seen, experienced and creatively documented.

The artists create original works of art including limited edition artist's books and fine art prints. The Last Glacier projects--which often offer both artistic and scientific perspectives--share contemporary notions of beauty within the context of wilderness conservation. In the very long term, The Last Glacier will impart to future generations the beauty of early 21st century wilderness environments and our generation's conceptions of what we, as humans, deem wild.

In-person viewing of the artworks can be experienced at various public institutions across the nation including, but not limited to, the United States Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.